Under this section you will find basic Christian testimonies from all kinds of people known to us. Ordinary people, made extraordinary.



Some testimonies are dramatic, others are less so. Some turn to Christ in what seems a short time, others are brought up in a Christian environment and slowly come to faith. Some may be able to express their journey in theological terms, others may use more simple everyday language.  Some use humour, others express their experience within a 'religous' or 'Churchy' framework, but all are REAL PEOPLE and in God's garden are many flowers, many colours, many sizes and many different perfumes!...and we are thankful to everyone of them that are willing to stand up and be counted for their Lord.

But each can now say that they belong to Christ and have a desire to serve Him and have gone through the same inner biblical process. 

They have given us permission to make their stories public.