Robert Farrell


The Queen asked me to work for her!

35 years ago it was a Royal Sailors rest Missioner in the Dame Agnes Weston’s Rosyth Royal Sailors' Rest ('Aggies') who led me to the Lord Jesus on my knees in the small prayer room. This was after the local Catholic priest didnt know what to do with me and how to get me relief from my sins so he brought me to 'Aggies' and left me there telling the Missioner. This is more up your street, I can't seem to help him. So the Missioner pointed me to Christ Who could handle my sins and forgive me.

I was serving on a Polaris submarine. As soon as I became a Christian life became a problem. I seem to remember two things really: first of all that I was so evangelical with my new faith, and I blame the man that led me to Christ for this, for it was he that immediately introduced me to the Westminster shorter catechism, the selling of eternal fire insurance on the mess decks on HMS Cochrane (no really!) and made part of witnessing team speaking even in the place where DL Moody spoke - Carrubbers Close in Edinburgh to publicly proclaim my faith and nail my colours to the mast. Anyway, I do remember that other Christians had to follow me around and tidy up the mess I made with my mouth, much like you would follow a horse with a bucket and shovel. Secondly, I remember that I put so much pressure on my new wife to become a Christian herself that the fellowship at 'Aggies' prayed that God would get me out of the way and indeed He did with a pier head jump to another boat and another crew. Whilst I was at sea my wife became a Christian!

Early 'witnessing'

'We all live on a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine..'

I arrived on board HM Submarine Revenge (starboard crew) as a brand-new Christian and telling everybody about it. I was as popular as a fart in a space suit. During this short patrol, as the only Christian on board the submarine, I remember just three weeks into it all getting into a big fight with a stormy Jock and ending up with a black eye and a busted lip whilst loudly and evangelically proclaiming in the most colourful of terms to one and all, just what I would do with the soggy end of his arm once I ripped it off! To aid my isolation I didn't even have my own bunk but simply a hammock which was strung up along the rail that the ICBM radiation sniffer travelled along, which by the way, was regularly cut down to make way for its travels. Shortly after this fisty-cuffing confrontation I got conjunctivitis from the not so modern sonar equipment and was then also weirdly and severely scalded all down my back when an urn mysteriously collapsed upon me. From that point on in the patrol I could not wear my navy blues and so had to wear the only other thing that was in my small locker: a bright orange Adidas T-shirt. Behold the new Christian! The foulmouthed, black eyed, busted lip, back scalded bright orangeT-shirt kitted young man that looked like a rabbit with myxomatosis!

On the offensive!!

In full flight with his Global Ministry

Tell you what though, I came back from that patrol knowing that I was a Christian and more than that, I came back from that patrol knowing how to be alone with God in the depths and be ready to fight and get up and get on with it no matter what. And it is God that receives all the Glory. Nearly 3 years ago I toured each of the then 66 cities of Britain in just 66 days preaching from each of the 66 books of the holy Bible. From that tour a new global city mission was established: The 66 Books Ministry, and it is our intention to preach in the 66 most influential cities of every nation on the planet and an annual an ongoing basis, that's 16,500 cities! My qualifications for doing is chiefly that I am not wise, neither am I noble. I am a little man with a big mouth who knows he has got an even  bigger God who I believe can do exceptional things with anybody that has got the faith to believe the same.