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We are grateful to Mark for his testimony it has been left in his own words.

MY LIFE STORY: "Good out of evil!"

I grew up in a poor and non-christian family. My father died when I was 10 years old because of lung cancer. During those times, my mother doesn’t know how to provide for us because of her young age and has no educational background. When my father passed away, I’m always with my friend that eventually leads me to ruin my life. 

When I was in 15-16 years of age, I was involved in underground band, and I am a vocalist. We are always in gig, and singing some heavy metal covers/songs. Then eventually, drugs was introduced to me, and I have a lot of vices. I was also sexually immoral because I'm involved in human-trafficking, that motivates me to participate in ‘gang rape’ for 3 times.

At the age of 18 years old when I first heard the message of the gospel. The message "how that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he hath been raised, on the third day, according to the Scriptures." That "God demonstrates his love for us by the fact that the Messiah died for us while we were still sinners."

My affection and desire to know Him suddenly changed. 8 years ago, I surrender to God all my vices and immorality. I surrender all my secret sins to the God of secrets and decided to follow Christ, and walk in His ways faithfully. No! I can't do this on my own apart from His grace, power and love for "the person who boasts must boast in the Lord.”



Time flies, by God’s grace, I have this longing to know this God of the Bible. Through the courage that God has given me:

(1) I finished my Arts in Biblical Studies in Baptist Bible College Asia for 4 years,

(2) I finished my intensive, cross-cultural missionary training in Language and Culture Institute for almost 6 months. Wherein we are train to have a church planting in a tribal (indigenous) context.

(3) I became a Missionary of Global Missionary Clearinghouse.  

All these became possible by the grace and love of God, through the unceasing prayers and hospitality of my friends. Let me share with you my God-given ministries here in the Philippines:

 (1) Street Evangelism

Street Preaching by Mark Avila May 7, 2013 Malolos Bayan

(2) Campus Ministries

(3) Helping The Poor

(4) Short-term Mission in Cambodia (recently) and as of now

(5) Associate Pastor/Preacher in Banner of Truth Independent Baptist Church, helping a small yet loving congregation.

 Hope you have been blessed with what God has done in my life, and let's praise the Lord for that.

Keep in mind that, "I'm only a dust and ashes" (Gen 18:27) and "the person who boasts must boast in the Lord.” (1Cor 1:31)




Few years ago, I was in a extreme Pentecostal/Charismatic type of congregation and I heard always preached health, wealth and prosperity gospel. And I started to think, and ask my self, “is this the real issue why Christ came to suffer and die?”

Then by God's providence I met John MacArthur while watching on YouTube, until I long to search their heroes of faith like John Huss, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, John Knox, the Puritans and the Great Awakening preachers like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefiled and more. But the Puritans shape my theological frame about God.



  • Puritans in Westminister


Mark & Cristina his wife

1. A heart for the poor.

 It's my endeavour to help the poor. I travel anywhere to help them provide their basic need with intention to share the glorious gospel with them in its simplicity. May God cause them to have a godly sorrow that leads to repentance. 

2. Travelling everywhere to have a Bible mentoring session.

I often look for a new pastors, young and old and I love talking to them, and it's a good opportunity for me share build a rapport with them to influence and impart some Biblical Truths/Knowledge.

 3. Involving in short-term Mission to assist.

Searching through google, I always get involve in short-term Mission trip to assist in teaching. Great opportunity not to waste my time but to use it in serving others, to seek and save which was lost.

 4. Campus Ministry

I spend more time in teaching young people about Life Principle in a Bible-based method.

 What a blessing to serve others? 

Please pray that God may bless the work of my hands, bless me with His strength in Spirit and bless me with His grace of provision.

 All for His pleasure!

"Now to the King Eternal—the immortal, invisible, and only God—be honor and glory forever and ever! Amen." (1Tim 1:17)

Grace to you!

Yours in the LORD, 


Church Planter, Banner of Truth IBC



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