A Tribute to Jesse

'..Being DEAD YET STILL SPEAKS' Hebrews 11:4

I would like to share with you all about a friend of mine. Jesse was on the missing Malaysian flight MH370 lost at sea and deeply missed by his family and friends.

I met Jesse (Haun-Peen Chan) when he came to our fellowship at Sunderland Free Church in the north of England. He was a Christian from KL the Malaysian capital. He soon made himself known to us and as a student at the local Uni he soon settled in to our large student fellowship.

Although he was studying computing he was also an accomplished musician and offered to play the organ and/or the piano accompanying the worship. He was always willing, never complained and was constantly the same.

He often brought many of his non-Christian friends to hear the exposition of God's Word and joined in at our Summer Theological School. His witness was a perfect expression of his charactor which was gentle,kind and faithful.

Jesse returned to KL and married Janet and had two boys and was on his way to China as part of the US electronic team, when the plane was lost.  Some of his friends from Sunderland attended his wedding in KL. Whilst in KL he was founding a School of Music and teaching music as well as being an active member in his local church.

If more Christians were like Jesse then the Church of Christ would be full of joy and music.

We miss you dear friend, you have met your Lord before us and one day we will see your smilling face again. It was a priviledge to have been your Pastor for that short time.

Oct. 4, 2014