Krishanthi Navaratnam Testimony

 As I sit down to write my testimony and reflect on my life I can not but be overwhelmed with gratitude to God my Saviour for the Salvation He has bestowed upon me in His kindness and His mercy. I could say with the psalmist, ‘Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation.’ Psalm 118:1 & 14.  

My strong awareness of God, as a child, and His displeasure to sin was the preparing ground upon which God was to later convict me of my need of Him. In my late teens I came to receive Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord.

I grew up in a stable, secure and close-knit family from a Christian background so I was taken along to church services and encouraged to attend Sunday school regularly and later on for youth meetings. I learnt about God, His splendour and His majesty, His holiness, His hatred for sin and the consequence of it. Yet I was very content with my spiritual condition. 


Mango tree Sri Lanka

During my late teens I attended weekly meetings conducted by Youth for Christ, a Christian youth organisation and my main reason to attend the meetings was to meet friends and socialise. The Gospel was of little interest to me until God drew my attention to it. Then I began to listen and found it very real. What had seemed to be like stories now had meaning to these. God used the teaching I received during my childhood to bring home the Gospel. I became convicted about my spiritual condition and my sin before God. The sound of the Gospel became a distinct melody. I knelt down and prayed to God for forgiveness and asked Him to cleanse me and to receive me as His child, through His Son Jesus Christ. At first I wasn’t sure God heard my prayers and whether He would forgive my sins, however, God spoke to me through many portions of scriptures specially Ephesians chapter 1. I was so happy to commit my life to Him to mould me and make me like Him. 

I still fail and displease my God in many ways but God is faithful to His Word. He has taken me through many learning situations. The paths were sometimes easy and others were rocky even through the valley of the shadow of death but God had always been on my side guiding me and even carrying me through these times. 

I was born and brought up in Jaffna in the north of Sri Lanka and grew up attending an Anglican Church. I moved over to Colombo to study accountancy and have been there for one and a half years when a major riot broke out in 1983 and had to be shipped in cargo vessels with only enough legroom to stand in the hole of the ship and sent back to Jaffna. After a period of stay back at home I left for England to continue my studies.  I became a Christian before I moved over to Colombo and on my return home after the riots I met up with friends of reformed persuasion and studied the bible every week. There weren’t any reformed churches in Jaffna and we met in our garden under a mango tree, hence was known as the ‘Mango tree fellowship’. 


Signing Register in Brighton

I lived in East London for two years where I continued my studies and moved over to Brighton when I got engaged to Suresh. We were married in Brighton on the 19th of December 1987. Since then we have lived in Brighton with a two year stay in West Africa. The reformed understanding of the scriptures, which I started to learn in Jaffna were reinforced when I came to Brighton under the faithful ministry of the pastors.   

During the recession of the early 90’s, we have gone through periods of unemployment. God’s provision for our daily needs was in every way perfect and we were never in need but had enough for each day. Our stay in West Africa was a very enjoyable and a spiritually blessed time. We attended a Baptist church but due to the language barriers we had to have a translator during the sermons and we couldn’t fellowship the way we would have love to have with the members of the church. This drove us to read books and listen to sermon cassettes almost everyday. Two years after we returned to Brighton, in 2000 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which came as a shock to us all but God marvellously and miraculously sustained and upheld us during that time. When we look back at these times, we can’t believe how we had coped and can only say with the psalmist that God has carried us through the valley of the shadow of death and we didn’t have the fear of evil because He was with us. I could say with confidence that His grace was sufficient in our weakness. “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Even though I grew up in an Anglican Church, God through circumstances brought me in contact with Christians with reformed understanding and I thank God for it.  We have been worshiping at the Calvery Evengelical Church Brighton for many years but God in His providence brought us to worship at Maidenbower Baptist Church where I have been greatly blessed. 


May, Krishanti and John on her wedding day.

Two Psalms which are dear to me, which I was made to memorise as a child tells a lot about my LORD from whom my strength comes from, who has kept me and preserved my soul and is my salvation. Psalm 121 & 27.  I praise and thank this God for all the goodness to me and for His faithfulness in bringing Suresh into my life and giving us two lovely children and placing me among the fellowship of believers.  

“See, I have removed your iniquity from you, and I will clothe you with rich robes.” Zechariah 3:4