Lulu from Florida

I grew up in a Christian home but did not become a Christian until twelve years old. Before I became a Christian I had my identity in the world and what the world thought of me. My father was an elected official and I enjoyed the attention I received because of being his daughter. When my dad switched jobs however and went to work overseas my world began to change. My school changed, my family changed and I reacted to everything in anger and frustration. When i was in middle school I went to a camp that shared Christ's love for me and how I needed to let go of my anger to take hold of Jesus. I did let go of my anger at that camp, then I went on this journey of trying to figure out where I went from asking Christ to come into my heart. It was a few months later when God showed me His word, through a group of older ladies who studied God's word diligently. I sat in the study with my mom and listened, they spoke about God but it was like they were using a language I did not understand. They were speaking plain English, but my heart did not understand. From there I wanted to know Who my God really was and now I am still on this journey He has been guiding me through for nine years now. I have been a part of God's family for nine years, but it feels like a lifetime and I still have so much life to live.

Lulu has chosen 'IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL' as her hymn